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Copright 2016 (c) Rockland County Concert Band

五星棋牌 五星棋牌 五星棋牌About Us.

We want you!

This all volunteer band is seeking musicians, to fill out it's ranks. There are more than 50 musicians in the ensemble, but we do have needs in strategic positions. If you played fairly well in high school, or college, dust off you instrument and come join us!*

The band performs between 10-15 concerts a year, including formal concerts, and programs in outdoor settings.

五星棋牌 五星棋牌 五星棋牌Volunteer to Play.

Instruments which are especially desired, at this time:

Flute & Piccolo
Trumpets, Trombones, & French Horns
Percussion (mallets would be great!)

We rehearse on Tuesday evenings, from 7:30 - 9:30, at the Nanuet Senior High School, in Nanuet, NY. If you, or someone you know is interested, please contact the band office at: (845) 429-1096

五星棋牌 五星棋牌
* Additionally, high school students may qualify for community  service
 credit, when playing in the band.

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